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Abilitease Adaptive

Catheterization Lap System

Catheterization Lap System

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Have you ever used an intermittent catheter and realized that most don't reach into a toilet? And if you need to use a urinal, how are you going to secure it while catheterizing? What if you used a closed system catheter and had to hold the bag the entire time you were emptying your bladder? Well look no further! We designed a catheterization lap system that lies on your legs and will secure either your urinal or closed system bag. That way you can safely empty your bladder hands free and focus on other tasks like brushing your teeth! 

We recently redesigned this adaptive tool to be more universal in its ability to accommodate different sized legs and wheelchair widths. Try one out. We know it will be life changing! 


Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG)

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If you discover that an item arrived broken or defective please let us know immediately and we will ship you a replacement.

Care Instructions

This product is 3D printed using a thermoplastic material. If this product is dropped or used under extreme force it could crack or break.

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