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Abilitease Adaptive

Can Opener

Can Opener

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Do you struggle to open your favorite beverage can with your fingers?  Do you sometimes use your teeth and wish you hadn't?  Well we have an adaptive can opener for you that is going to change your life!

Using the dual loop design you can use two fingers or one finger to support the tool in your hand. Simply slide the bottom opening over the tab on the can and rotate your wrist toward the tear strip opening and watch it open with ease.  You'll be glad you tried this handy little tool.  It's one of our favorites! 


Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG)

Shipping & Returns

If you discover that an item arrived broken or defective please let us know immediately and we will ship you a replacement.

Care Instructions

This product is 3D printed using a thermoplastic material. If this product is dropped or used under extreme force it could crack or break.

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